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Students transfers

For student transfer to primary or secondary schools in Greece please follow the steps as listed in the web link below (in Greek):
Transfer Procedure


Application Forms

Please select the appropriate application forms from group A and :


A1. Template of certificate of attendance issued by the Australian school at the end of the school year (in English).

A2. Template of certificate of attendance issued by the Australian school in the middle of the school year (in English).


1. Student Application Form (in Greek), to be completed by the carer

2. Adult Application Form (in Greek)


Following the submission of application form, the Education Office translates the school document, authorises it and provides the relevant certificate. Please note that:

1. Schools enrol students to Grades according to their age e.g. students of 6 years of age must enrol in Grade 1 on the condition that by December 31 of enrolment year they have turned 6 years old.

2. Schools enrol students to a Year lower to their age with the consent of the parents. In the very first enrolment Year students are given the choice to attend classes without having to sit exams in the course of the school year.

3. For enrolment in Year-1 one must submit the following document:

. Birth Certificate

. Health Book (with vaccination details)

. Dental Certificate

V. Student residence proof

For enrolment in any school Grade other than Year 1 student must submit appropriate documentation e.g. last grade school certificate or any official certificate of attendance.